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Getting Fat in Japan

Article written and submitted by Matthew Tyndall In July of 2013 I spent an entire month living in Nagoya, Japan. I visited many places, but most of all I ate a lot of different foods. I love new ... Read More


Cheap Shinkansen Tickets between Osaka and Tokyo

Ever taken the night bus up to Tokyo and back? I have, and experiences have been varied. The best was a direct night bus with individually spaced seating, these 3 seats evenly spaced in a single ... Read More



Meiji-Mura Museum

Located on a hillside facing the beautiful Lake Irura, Meiji

nagoya aquarium kw

Nagoya Aquarium

Nagoya Ko (Nagoya Port) is a lively area, busy during


Nagoya Castle

Nagoya Castle, built back in 1612 on the orders of Ieyasu

Where To Eat


Yabaton – (Nagoya Station / Sakae)

With the unmistakable sumo wrestler


Outback Steakhouse – (Sakae)

Looking for a great place for dinner,


Torikizoku – (Kanayama Station)

With 12 shops in Nagoya, Torikizoku is

Get Involved

Nagoya Friends Party

Nagoya Friends

Nagoya Friends has been doing international


Nagoya International Computer Club (NIPCC)

For those interested in computers, gadgets, mobile

Nag Int Volleyball

Nagoya International Volleyball Club

NIVC is fun, exciting, and international gathering