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Is it real beer? Who cares?

Over the last 20 years here in Japan, real beer “substitutes” like ‘low-malt’ beer(発泡酒)and ‘third-grade’ beers(第三のビール)have become more and more popular. According to beer sales in 2009, low-malt and a ... Read More


Japan’s reinterpretation of the Constitution – A Summary

The revision, or more accurately "reinterpretation of the constitution” is the hot topic here in Japan right now. So opposed are some, that one man even set himself on fire on a pedestrian bridge in ... Read More


Famous & Fantastic Nagoya Food

In follow-up to the recent article on why Nagoya is better than Tokyo we want to introduce you to some of Nagoya's finest food. We have already published this in a page but feel it's time to reignite ... Read More



Atsuta Shrine

Founded almost 2000 years ago, Atsuta Shrine is one of the

Futaba Museum

Cultural Path Futaba Museum

With a striking orange western-style roof, grand parlor

Higashiyama Zoo and Gardens

Higashiyama Zoo & Botanical Gardens

Set in vast greenery, The Zoo and Gardens feel a million

Where To Eat


Yabaton – (Nagoya Station / Sakae)

With the unmistakable sumo wrestler


Outback Steakhouse – (Sakae)

Looking for a great place for dinner,


Torikizoku – (Kanayama Station)

With 12 shops in Nagoya, Torikizoku is

Get Involved

Nagoya Friends Party

Nagoya Friends

Nagoya Friends has been doing international


Nagoya International Computer Club (NIPCC)

For those interested in computers, gadgets, mobile

Nag Int Volleyball

Nagoya International Volleyball Club

NIVC is fun, exciting, and international gathering