An Introduction to Nagoya City

Nagoya is the largest city in the central Japan region but is often overlooked as a travel destination with the new capital of 'Tokyo' and the lively 'Osaka', being preferred destinations for Japanese and foreigners alike.  Interestingly, Nagoya has a population of 2.3 million, making it Japan's 4th largest city (just 200000 less than that of Osaka). Location-wise, Nagoya is a fantastic place to be as you are only 1hr 40mins on the bullet train from Tokyo, 60mins away from Osaka, 90 minutes south of the beautiful mountains and Onsens in Gifu prefecture, and only 40 minutes north of the serene beaches of the Mikawa peninsula.  The city has a fantastic public transport system, with a train and subway network to get you all over the city and out to the suburbs easily. Nagoya also boasts some of the widest roads and sidewalks in Japan which makes for a very open feel and good if you like getting around by bicycle.


Our goal at Nagoya-info is now as it has always been - to help residents and visitors enjoy their time in here in Nagoya by providing news and information about what there is to do and see in the area.  Although we work on limited resources and finances, we do our best to keep information as up to date as possible and the website functional and user-friendly. Browse articles, check the events calendar, post a classified or just surf the site at your leisure.  Remember we really appreciate feedback on the site so get in touch whenever you have a question, suggestion for improvement.

How it all started....

Nagoya-info started life back in the summer of 2007 as a single page website with a hand made map and a few useful directions to major tourist attractions in English.  At the time there were just a couple of very outdated websites in English about Nagoya, so the site grew quickly in popularity. Five years and 4 redesigns later, the site has grown to over 300 pages and now offers job, event and classified listings. Of course, times have changed and these days you will find a number of good websites all offering helpful news and information about Nagoya City - a great thing as it shows how much others love and want to introduce the city to others. Does that mean we will stop trying? Absolutely not! Nagoya-info will continue to support the needs of residents an visitors to Nagoya city in a more diverse way than ever before.

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From now on...

We have been working hard on the design of the site to make sure that everybody, everywhere can view the site. One important technique is making the website "mobile responsive" which we have been working on. This means, no matter if you visit us from a computer, tablet or smartphone, our website optimised to offer you a superior browsing experience. Also coming is more bilingual content as we look to focus on becoming a full Japanese / English service.


豊かな大都市でも観光地としては、賑やかな東京と大阪隠れ、目立てないと言えます。しかし、誰もセントラル日本を知らないことを責められません。最近イギリスに帰った時に、旅行ガイドを開いて、名古屋について1ページしか入ってなかったです。それに対して、東京と大阪の情報が山ほどありました。 名古屋の総人口は役2300万人(大阪は2500万人)です。位置としては、とてもいいところです。東京から1時間40分、大阪60分、温泉や山だらけの北岐阜県から90分、綺麗な海の知多半島から40分しか離れていないです。東京ほど混んでいなく、素晴らしい地下鉄網があるし、日本出最も広い道路とも言われています。名古屋で何もないと思っている人が多いのですが、他の大都市と同ように、お店や神社などしかないではないかと言い返しまします。

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