Cherry Blossoms


Yamazaki-gawa (Yamazaki River)

Along the Yamazaki river (From Ishikawa-bashi Bridge to Ochiai-bashi Bridge / approximately 2.8 km in length) in Mizuho-ku.  There are approximately 720 beautiful cherry trees lining the river. Unlike other Cherry Blossom lined rivers there are no food stalls which keeps the area very clean and tranquil. This area was chosen as one of the best 100 cherry blossoms viewpoints in Japan by The Foundation for Nippon Sakura-no-kai, back in 1990. Cherry blossoms are illuminated until 21:30

Access: Get off at Mizuho-Kuyakusho Sta. on the Sakuradori Subway Line. Walk 10 min. (Kanae-bashi Bridge)

Heiwa Park

Located close to Nagoya University, you can find a beautiful park hosting approximately 2,250 cherry trees.  The park is vast and there are plenty of open spaces for picnics and ball games. Barbecuing requires you use a designated area and pre-book but it’s wel worth it during the warm spring season.

Access: Get off at Higashiyama-Koen Station on the Higashiyama Subway Line and walk 15 min.

Higashiyama Park

1000 cherry trees (100 different kinds from all over Japan) have been planted in Higashiyama Park. A further 600 cherry trees can be found in the park making for a magical visit during late march / early April.  The vast hilly area is fantastic for walking or cycling around and with plenty of hiking trails of various difficulties. Well worth a visit in Spring.

Access: Take the Higashiyama subway line to Higashiyama-Park station and you are there.

Tsuruma Park

Literally thousands of people enjoy a hanami picnic or party under the cherry blossoms in Tsuruma Park. Over 1,200 cherry trees feature in a beautifully designed park, located right in front of Tsurumai subway station.  In 1990, Tsuruma Park was also chosen as one of the best 100 cherry blossoms viewing spots in Japan by The Foundation for Nippon Sakura-no-kai. Cherry blossoms are illuminated here until 21:00 but parties will continue until much later.

Access: Take the Tsurumai subway line to Tsurumai park station.  You cannot miss the park.

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