JR Lines

JR or Japan Railways run services all around the country and although a private company were the national rail providers up until 1987.  In the Nagoya / Aichi area the main trunk line running through is known as the 東海道本線(とうかいどうほんせん /Toukaidouhonsen).  It runs rapid and local services from Kobe to Tokyo.  Of the 589.5 km long line, most people in the Tokai area will probably be using the line to go between Maibara (Shiga prefecture) and Hamamatsu in Shikuoka.

There is also the 中央本線(ちゅうおうほんせん/Chuouhonsen) which also runs from Tokyo but ends at Nagoya.  Most people in the area will be familiar with the line for getting to Tsurumai, Chikusa, Kasugai and all the way to Nakatsugawa in Gifu Prefecture.