Kintetsu Line

The Nagoya Kintetsu Line (近鉄線) is run by the private railway company “Kintetsu” and connects Nagoya and Ise Nakagawa Station (in Matsusaka, Mie Prefecture) via Kuwana, Yokkaichi, Suzuka and Tsu municipalities along the Ise Bay. The official origin of the line is Ise-Nakagawa and the last stop is Nagoya.

You would use the Kintetsu line for one of two main purposes, 1) To get to Osaka cheaper than the Shinkansen and faster than local trains 2) To make your way down into Mie Prefecture. For many during the warmer months, heading out to Nagashima Spaland is extremely popular. Its a theme park, Water Park, Onsen and Shopping outlet all in one with its own hotel for those who want to stay overnight. Think of it as a smaller version of Disneyland in Chiba. Although the Kintetsu line doesn’t run directly to Nagashima, if you make your way to Kuwana station there is a bus that shuttles you there. There is the Highway bus option from Nagoya Meitetsu Station for those who prefer to go straight there with no changes.