Meitetsu Line

The Meitetsu Line is operated by the privately owned company “Meitetsu” and runs services between Toyohashi and Gifu.

The Meitetsu line rivals the JR lines in the area, often running almost identical routes between stations, although prices are generally a little steeper. One example is traveling between Gifu and Nagoya where the JR ticket would cost you 480 yen compared to 540 yen on the Meitesu line.

Many of the Meitetsu services run to or from the Nagoya. Toyokawa, Nishio, Tokoname (which has its through services with Airport, Kōwa, Chita), and Inuyama lines all have through services bound for Meitetsu Nagoya, making the segment around the station extremely busy. Between Biwajima Junction and Kanayama, 26 trains go through per hour, even during the less busy daytime services.

As well as competing on main routes, the Meitetsu runs comparatively more local services, reaching small towns and off beaten areas of Aichi and Gifu-Ken that its counterpart (JR) cannot.