Nagoya has quite a complex set of rules for recycling – different days, different items etc. The simple rules however are that:

1) regular burnable waste (non-recyclable) is collected twice a week from outside where you live (areas are designated, so just add to a pile you can see already) and
2) Recyclable items (plastic PET bottles, plastic wrappings, paper packaging, cans and glass bottles) are collected once a week again, from a designated area close to where you live.

You shouldn’t have to walk more than 200 yards to one of these dsignated areas, but you will have to find out where it is. Usually, in Nagoya (Naka-ku), the recyclables are collected on Wednesday mornings, so on Tuesday evening you will see piles of recycling in various places around the neighborhood.

You must be warned though

Recycling in Japan is in full swing and those caught not obeying the rules can be summoned before a court of law before being fined. You can often be found out for repeatedly putting garbage out that has obviously not been separated. Any evidence found in the bags, displaying your name or address, can be used to highlight you as the offender.

So, take care and try to follow the rules of the area. Note – If when you first move and don’t know where the recycling is being collected, then you can always take certain items to the nearest convenience store and use the recycling garbage cans outside the shop. For a more detailed description of the Garbage rules see the Nagoya International center’s webpage.