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Nagoya International School (NIS) is a private, coeducational day school offering an integrated, interdisciplinary, standards-based curriculum providing students with a strong educational foundation from preschool that leads to college preparatory courses in the high school. The language of instruction is English. Graduates earn a standard U.S. high school diploma, and additionally, have the option to obtain the International Baccalaureate (IB) diploma.

Students, Teacher & Course

Total school enrollment is 350, with approximately 170 in grades 6-12. NIS serves students whose parents work in the international business community or who are long-term foreign residents of Nagoya, as well as qualified host-country nationals. Over 26 nationalities are represented, with the largest number coming from the U.S. and Japan. There are 40 full-time teachers from 7 different countries. All faculty members are certified in their respective countries and approximately 60% hold Masters degrees.

The school boasts a recently renovated campus, new sports field and fitness center and upgraded information technology. Current facilities include: 23 classrooms, a 17,000+ volume library, two science laboratories, a gymnasium, art and music facilities, and a computer tech lab.

NIS offers various after school programs which include varsity and middle school athletics, theater arts, musicals/choir, visual arts, Model United Nations, Student Council, National Honor Society, and Habitat for Humanity.

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Nagoya International School

ADDRESS: 2686 Minamihara, Nakashidami,
Moriyama-ku, Nagoya, Japan 463-0002

TEL: 052-736-2025

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