Parks and Greens

Wanting to escape the hustle and bustle of Nagoya’s urban mayhem? well, here are some of the most popular parks around the city to take that well earned break.

Higashiyama Koen (park) / 東山公園

About: Higashiyama park, located 9 stops from Nagoya station on the Yellow Higashiyama line, offers you the chance to enjoy a world class zoo and beautiful botanical gardens. Beware though, the grounds are vast, but in this case a great place to spend a spring day strolling around.

Directions (By Subway): As mentioned above, nine stops from Nagoya station on a train heading for Fujigaoka or Hoshigaoka will get you there in about 15 minutes. The station is well signposted and plenty of guide maps await you when you resurface.

Heiwa Park / 平和公園

About: Heiwa Park is located on the East side of Nagoya not far from Higashiyama Park and botanical gardens.  One of the most famous places to enjoy the Cherry blossoms in Nagoya, Heiwa park has around 2300 Sakura Trees.  The vast open area make it popular for people in the Spring and Summer seasons to picnic and play sports.  There is a small park located just a few minutes walk from the lake called Kanoko Park (鹿子公園). Here there are rental barbecues and a games area for sports, free to the public.

Directions: From Higashiyama Koen Station – 15 minutes walk or from Jiyugaoka Station, 11 minutes on foot.

Ran no Yakata (Orchid Gardens) / ランの館

About: Located in Sakae, just a few minutes stroll from the busy department stores the oasis which is known as “Ran no Yakata” can be found waiting for you. One of the city’s newer attractions, this park specialises in orchids and other flowering plants. There is one large greenhouse and a number of exhibit rooms surrounding a walled-in garden with walkways that take you around a small pond and various exquisitely designed flower beds. Several small climate-controlled huts have been setup within the garden to grow rare orchids from different tropical regions of the world. Both indoor and outdoor cafes can also be found.

within the park. During the summer months you can enjoy the pleasant outdoor beer garden and grill including an all you can drink deal for around 4000 yen per person. Various events and seasonal exhibitions are held throughout the year. The entrance fee is usually a little high at 700 yen but worth a visit. If you want to visit for free, consider going during the nagoya festival when attractions around the city are free to enter for 2 days. See festivals.

Directions (By subway):– Use the purple Meijo line to get to Yaba-cho station. Come up using either exit 3 or 4,

and head in the direction of the highway (set above a main street). Cross the street under the highway and it is right in front of you. From subway

exit it takes just 2-3 minutes.

Directions (On foot):– If you are already in Sakae, head towards Parco department store until you can see the overpassing highway. Cross the road and its right in front of you. Use our PDF map of Sakae to help you get there.

Opening times: Everyday 10am-8pm, closed Wednesdays

Shonai Ryokuchi Park / 庄内緑地公園



Tsuruma park / 鶴馬公園

About: Probably the most popular retreat in Nagoya for residents, Tsuruma or Tsurumai park as many people confusingly pronounce it as, is a beautiful mix of water, winding lanes and sculptured gardening. During late March and Early April, the park is alive with people from all walks of life who come to sleep, chat, drink and play under the beautiful cherry blossom trees. The evenings during this time are quite a sight, literally thousands of people all sitting under the trees eating and drinking to their hearts content. If you are around Nagoya during this time, an absolute must is to join in the festival-like atmosphere alone or with

friends. Visiting in a quiet time is also highly recommended. The park is a refreshing and peaceful experience away from the city, yet within 15 minutes walk, or a couple of minutes on the subway, of downtown Sakae. Aside from the park, the grounds hold a large sports ground (mainly used by local schools for baseball games) and Nagoya’s largest public Library.

Directions (By subway): Simply get on the subway (blue line – Tsurumai line) and head to Tsuruma park station. There is just 1 exit which brings you directly into the park.Shirakawa park