Its often the case that when you’re settled down in the city you want to know where to do your essential grocery shopping. It can be more expensive then you know to always rely on the convenience store for you dinner, so have a look at what we have compiled here at – A list of some hidden supermarket gems.

Aeon Shopping Center (Atsuta)

About: Just 10 minutes walk south of Kanayama Station or walk eat fro 5 minutes getting off from Nishi Takakuru subway station (meijo line), will bring you to a huge 4 floor Shopping centre. Absolutely everything under 1 roof can serve your every shopping need. Clothes, shoes, books, accessories, watches plus a food court and fine restaurant choice make it at least worth a half day. Best of all, there is a huge food supermarket at one end (JUSCO) which is simply a huge supermarket. Shops are open until 10pm, restaurants until 11pm and the supermarket until 12.

Access: Click here for a Map

Aeon Shopping Center (Ozone)

About: Possibly the largest Aeon complex in Nagoya, Nagoya Dome Aeon can be reached within a few minutes walk of the JR, Subway and Meitetsu Station. What makes this Aeon even more impressive than others is the sheer number of restaurants and cafes inside; one example being that their are 3 Starbucks cafes within the complex!! Watch out though, just after a Dragons (Nagoya’s professional baseball team) game, the place can be flooded with people looking for a bite to eat. Try “dessert” forest, a themed area where you can enjoy sweets and cakes from around Japan.

Info: Website in Japanese / Click here for Map

Sun Ace (Kamimaezu)

About: Located about 5 – 10 minutes walk from Sakae or Osu or 5 minutes from Kamimaezu station, this fantastic little store is great for fruit and veg. Prices for lettuce, potatoes, carrots, onions etc is almost half what you would pay if shopping at one of the station supermarkets. They often have special sales days when you can pick up even bigger deals. One to watch out for is a Wednesday market when for 100 yen, you can put as many carrots, potatoes or onion as you can into a small plastic bag – bargain.

Contact: 052-259-2305

Sanoya (Osu Kannon)

About: Found inside the famous Osu covered shopping arcade, one of the cheapest and best value supermarkets in Nagoya exists. Extremely good deals on meats, fresh fish,veg, bento boxes and cooked food make this supermarket a must if you’re on a budget. It’s always busy so be prepared to muscle your way around the store – but this only adds to the fun.

Opening Times: 10:00 – 22:00

Access: Click here to open map

Shanpia Port (from Kanayama Station 15 minutes on foot)

About: In Under 20 minutes walk from Kanayama you can find an out of the way, but by no ways hidden shopping centre by the name of “Shanpia-Port”. Of the two floors, downstairs you will find a large “Feel” supermarket and Electronics store “Eden”. Make your way upstairs and there is a very large Daiso 100yen store, a Uniqlo, a barber, Shimamura (cheap clothes store), a large shoe shop, a novelty shop and a decent food court. For those living close to the area getting there by bicycle is both easy and convenient.

Access: Click here to open map