Fruit Picking

Blessed with the very distinct 4 seasons and extreme temperature, you can find an array of different fruits grown and many not too far from Nagoya. This makes “fruit picking” an enjoyable activity as depending on the time of the year, you can go and bloat yourself on the season fruit. Japanese people enjoy fruit picking an as activity and as such there plenty of places to go an enjoy an “all you can eat” morning or afternoon of fruit picking. You will find there are even coach tours offering 1 day, maybe even overnight plans, to go and pick cherries in nearby Nagoya Prefecture. Of course, you don’t need to go so far to enjoy picking – We’ll do our best to introduce some places close by that offer easy access and reasonable prices.

Akane-en / 茜園 (Obu City)

Sawada Noen / 澤田農園 (Handa City)