Sakushima Island

For a relaxing and tranquil day outside of the city why not take a trip out to to Aichi’s second largest but sparsely populated island ‘Sakushima’.

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Sakushima Island、the largest of the Islands of with a population of just under 300 people, is as quiet and beautiful as it is sparse and separated from the mainland. It is only 11.5kms around the island and just 2kms to walk from one side to the other.


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Surprisingly the beautiful island of Sakushima lies just 25 minutes off the Mikawa coastly village of Isshiki which itself is less than an hour outside Nagoya by train. From Isshiki Ferry Port next to the Fish Market, a ferry departs for Sakushima 6 times a day (See timetable below) and heads the opposite way the same number of times. From Isshiki port it takes 25 minutes to reach the West side and a further 10 minutes to get you to the more lively East side of the island.

By Car

Is by the far the easiest way to get to the ferry port. Travel down to Isshiki(一色) fish market and park up there. Parking is free and lots of space is available. See the map below.

By Train

From Kanayama station take the Meitetsu Honsen line towards Toyohashi(豊橋) and change trains at Shin-Anjo(新安城). From Shin Anjo take the Nishio-bound(西尾) train for 8 stops and get off at Kirayoshida (吉良吉田). From Kirayoshida station take the local ‘friend bus’ to Taiho-bashi (大宝橋) bus stop. Its a short walk to the ferry gates from there.

Ferry Timetable

Schedule from November to June (all days) and July to October (Weekdays)

From Isshiki From Sakushima (East) From Sakushima (West)
7:40 6:55 7:02
9:30 8:20 8:27
11:30 10:30 10:37
13:30 12:30 12:37
15:50 14:50 14:57
17:50 17:15 17:22

Schedule from July to October (Weekends and Holidays) & Golden Week( Apr 29th-May 8th)

From Isshiki From Sakushima (East) From Sakushima (West)
7:40 7:00 7:07
9:20 8:20 8:27
11:00 10:00 10:07
12:15 11:40 11:47
13:40 12:50 12:57
15:40 14:50 14:57
17:00 16:20 16:27
18:20 17:40 17:47


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