Firework displays are an important summer event in the Japanese calendar and with so many going on all around the country you can’t fail to see at least a couple of shows every summer.  Set on major rivers in the Aichi, Gifu and Mie regions the shows pull in huge crowds of spectators, many dressed up for the occassion in summer ‘yukata’s’ (lighter version of a kimono).  There are always lines of food stalls, as with all Japanese festivals, selling the usual variety of fried chicken, okonomiyaki, grilled squid, tako-yaki to name just a few.


Okazaki Summer Festival – Okazaki City

When: Saturday, August 6th 19:00 -21:00

Where: Yahagi River riverside – Okazaki

No. of Fireworks: 20000

Contact: 0564-23-6217

Access: Get off at Higashi-Okazaki sta. on the Meitetsu line – A 10-min. walk


Tokai Matsuri Fireworks Display – Tokai City

When: Saturday, August 13th (19:20 – 20:30); August 14 if bad weather.

Where: O-ike Koen 大池公園, Tokai City

No. of Fireworks: Approx. 4000 (TBA)

Access: A 15 minute walk from (Meitetsu) Otagawa Station 名鉄太田川. Free temporary car

park (3000 spaces) available.


Nihon Rhine Summer Evening Fireworks Display

When: Wednesday, August 10 (19:30 – 20:20)

Where: The banks of the Kiso River, downstream from the Inuyama-bashi Bridge, Inuyama City.

Access: 5 mins walk from Meitetsu Inuyama Yu-en Station 名鉄犬山遊園.

Comments: fireworks are launched from a river boat stationed in the middle of the Kiso River. Around 200 stalls will set up on the banks of the river.


Nobi Fireworks Festival – Ichinomiya

When: Sunday, August 14 (19:30 – 20:45); August 16 if bad weather

Where: On the banks of the Kiso River 木曽川, north of the Nobi-ohashi Bridge 濃尾大橋, Ichinomiya City.

No. of Fireworks: Approx. 5000

Access: Free shuttle bus from Meitetsu Ichinomiya Station 名鉄一宮, West exit.



Six Fire Festival

When: Monday, August 15 (15:00 – 21:00); August 18 if bad weather.

Where: Utsumi Komasu Beach 小桝海岸 (located south of Chidorigahama Beach)

No. of Fireworks: Around 39000 rockets

Access: 25 minute walk from Meitetsu Utsumi Station 内海 or 5 minutes by car from

Minamichita IC 南知多 on the Chita Peninsula Expressway Toll Road (知多半島道路). Over

3000 parking spaces.


Utsumi Fireworks Festival

When: Wednesday, August 17 (19:00 – 20:30); August 18 if bad weather.

Where: Chidorigahama Beach (Utsumi) 千鳥ヶ浜海岸

Access: A 15 minute walk from Meitetsu Utsumi Station 内海 or 7 minutes by car from

Minamichita IC 南知多 on the Chita Peninsula Expressway Toll Road (知多半島道路).

Image (left): Courtesy of Utsumi Tourist Association

Comments: Set on one of the best beaches in the Tokai region with 1.6km of soft, white sandy coastline. This fireworks festival features rarely seen “Suichuu Star Mine” fireworks that are exploded from on the water and a 200m-wide “Niagara Falls” cascade.