One Day travel ticket

Travel around the city for next to nothing…

The one day travel ticket (pic below) is an excellent way to save money on travel around Nagoya.  When purchased at the weekend (hence the name “do-nich”,meaning “Sat-Sun”) the ticket costs just 600yen for adults and 300yen for children and entitles you to unlimited travel all day on the Subway and City buses.  Considering most single journeys are 200+ yen, the ticket pays for itself almost immediately!  The Best thing about the ticket is that not only can you save on transportation costs but you can also get discounts at various events and a wide range of attractions around the city..good eh?

Remember to use the ticket for a discount for the Ice Rink in Sakae!

(Eco-Kippu cannot be used on the Meitetsu, Kintetsu, Aonami and Linimo lines)

Places the Eco-Kippu can be used



Discounts / Benefits

Nagoya Castle Adults, High School students and over/ 500yen > 400yen (Jr. High School students & under = Free)

(If you buy souvenirs more than 1000yen at any shops in the castle yard – Get original Nagoyan present)

Sky Tower (Higashiyama Park) Sr.High School students and over 300yen > 240yen / (Jr. High School students & under = Free)
Tokugawa Gardens
Futaba Cultural Path Museum
Nagoya City Museum
Higashiyama Park
Shiratori Gardens
Tokugawa Art Museum
Orchid Gardens (Ran no yukata)
Nagoya TV Tower
Nagoya City Art Museum
International Design Centre Design Museum
Nagoya City Science Museum
Toyota Techno Museum
Wild Flower Gardens “Blue Bonnett” (Nagoya Port)
Boston Art Museum
Noritake Craft Centre
Furukawa Art Museum
Daiichi Art Museum
Hori Art Museum
Showa Art Museum
Morimura Memorial Art Museum
Arimatsu Tie-Dying Museum
Nagoya Aquarium
Nagoya Port “Sea-Train Land”
Kuwayama Art Museum
Matsuzakaya Art Museum
Mandrin Museum
Atsuta Shrine Homastsu-Kan
Aichi Prefectural Art Museum
Port Building Observatory
Nagoya Marine Museum
Agricultural Culture Exhibition